Taco Toaster

After about the fifth try of attempting to make the perfect tortilla shell, you are both irritated and puzzled. You finally ask yourself:
“Can I ever make a single taco in my life?”

Presenting the greatest invention to enter the world of tacos – the Taco Toaster! Getting healthy, perfectly baked, crispy Taco Shells out of normal tortillas is now a matter of ease. Make quick and delicious Tacos yourself like a professional without the need of spending hours in the kitchen.

Super-easy to use; just put the usual corn or flour tortillas into the formers and put in the toaster. Set the timer depending how you want your Tacos and press the lever down. Meanwhile, prepare your taco stuffers of choice. Right at the buzzer, the lever is up and up comes healthy baked Taco Shells. All you need to do is to plate them together and can now deem yourself the health-conscious kitchen master. No more running to the restaurant to grab a Taco. Make your own 100% oil-free mouthwatering toasted meals with this Taco Toaster at any time of the day.



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