Sushi Roll Towels

Sushi Lovers, how deep does your admiration for Sushi really dwelve? Do you crave that decadent red tuna expertly wrapped in that dark green seaweed and rice? Does just the thought of that lip-smacking blend of color and flavor get you going?

Now, prepare to magnify your affection for Sushi. Sushi Roll Towels are here to make you yearn for a Sushi roll right after lunch.

When unfolded, these Sushi Roll Towels exhibit some interesting modern pattern work. When rolled, you get the hot topic for a great conversation. You are certain to adore them in both contemporary and Japanese style.

Imagine yourself in the kitchen after a lunch bash with a pile of dishes to clean! You are already yawning. Relax; your Sushi Roll Towels will make that task tolerable.

Imported from Japan, these towels are not only useful, but also add a little humor to your mundane kitchen hours. Just do not be so awestruck that you try to chomp the cotton Sushi Roll Towels…



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