Superhero Mom Mug

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and you haven’t planned anything to surprise your mom. Sure you could pick up a conventional bouquet of roses. Every mom will always show gratitude if you did. However, consider something brilliantly special, something that would make her drop a tear of affection. Your mom has always been your true superhero. She knows when you are hungry, without ever having to tell her. You were always able to overpower all your fears when she gave you that affectionate power-hug. Gifting this Superhero Mom Mug will speak volumes that you know her secret of being a superhero, your superhero.

This Superhero Mom Mug features the documented emblems of a superhero, but coped to get a large ‘M’ (representing Mom) on the chest instead of Superman’s ‘S’. Those strong arms on the hip act as handles, allow you a firm hold. Getting to the substantial part, your mom would love this sturdy ceramic mug as it could recuperate her monotonous day with 15 oz of hot coffee. Further, it could be well-used in both microwave and dishwasher without a single fissure.

Again, it could be a sensitive present Mom can get from her kids. This Superhero Mom Mug would tell her how she shields and guides you against all the evils in the world.

This sentimental mug will remind your mom every morning of the greatest compliment you have ever given anyone!



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