Quest Peanut Butter Cups Review

It is often thought that maintaining a healthy lifestyle means you have to forgo your favorite indulgences. This isn’t entirely true. Speaking as someone who made a pretty drastic change of losing over 100 pounds, I still indulge on delicious snacks on daily basis; all while keeping the pounds from piling on. The solution is simple. There are a lot of variations to our favorite snacks that are made in a healthier way. Take for instance the infamous Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Our best pal Quest has an interesting alternative that is full of protein and healthy fats, and is even low in sugar – the Quest Peanut Butter Cups.

quest peanut butter cup review

Don’t they look delicious? When I saw these goodies at a local GNC, I just had to try them. I’m an avid fan of peanut butter cups, so I was hoping these would measure up to my expectations. They did not disappoint. Opening the fairly large packing revealed two over-sized peanut butter cups that were just calling my name. The chocolate coating looked so much like a normal piece of candy that I had to dive in. The peanut butter cups themselves are a little dryer than what you’d normally get with a traditional Reese cup, however it was still divine. The crumbly peanut butter tasted absolutely delicious and when paired with the smooth chocolate coating, was balanced enough to be considered a decadent treat. Not too shabby considering these things are actually good for you.

I’d easily give these a total rating of an 8/10.

    Appearance – 10/10
    Texture – 6/10
    Taste – 8/10