Dannon Greek Yogurt Flavors Reviewed & Ranked

1. Banana Cream

I love love and love Banana flavored snacks. Did I mention that I love Banana snacks? So it’s no surprise that this flavor was not only my introduction to Dannon’s Greek Yogurt but also stands on top as my favorite. The texture of this greek yogurt is perfectly dense and not too watery like others I have tried. The texture is almost like a soft slice of cheesecake. The banana flavor definitely comes through and makes it feel like a guilty treat.


2. Boston Cream Pie

I have tried many Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurts and this one definitely stands out as one of my favorites. You aren’t going to get that beloved taste of an actual slice of boston cream pie, but it is very sweet for being only a modest eighty calories. It has a nice velvety texture and always leaves me feeling satisfied.

light and fit greek boston cream pie

3. Raspberry

I am not a huge fan of fruit flavored yogurts; however, this flavor is absolutely to die for. The Raspberry is incredibly sweet and strongly present throughout the entirety of the yogurt. The bottom has a light raspberry jam that I prefer eating separately from the actual yogurt. I’ve tried mixing it with the yogurt and prefer savoring the components separately.



4. Vanilla

My number one go to flavor has always been vanilla and Dannon does not disappoint. I was able to savor my favorite classic flavor and have all the nutritional benefits it provides. The smooth texture pairs perfectly with the vanilla and really left me feeling satisfied after eating a cup.


5. Keylime Pie

I still find it hard to believe how much this actually resembles Keylime Pie. If someone told me to close my eyes and take a bite, I might actually believe I was eating the center of keylime pie. The texture isn’t as rich as most keylime pies and it is missing the graham cracker crust, but the flavor profile is spot on. This was definitely the closest flavor resembling a dessert.


6. Strawberry Cheesecake

The strawberry flavor was easily identifiable. The cheesecake flavor… not so much. But I still really enjoyed what this flavor offered. While I really was savoring that cream cheese flavor, it did have a very enjoyable subtle strawberry taste. Additionally, the texture did resemble a slice of cheesecake. It was a little more airy than Dannon’s Strawberry Greek Yogurt and didn’t have any strawberry jam on the bottom.


7. Toasted Coconut Vanilla

My disappoint continues with coconut flavored yogurts. They just never have enough of the coconut flavor I love! This tasted a lot like Dannon’s Vanilla Greek Yogurt with a hint of coconut. Honestly, I prefer just plain vanilla. But for variety purposes, I still enjoy picking this one up every once in a while.


8. Blueberry

I didn’t mention this earlier, but my biggest disappoint with Dannon’s fruit flavored Greek yogurts is the top layer of each yogurt. The yogurt left on the edge of the carton and bottom of the top wrapper has no flavor. It tastes like plain Greek yogurt which I do find enjoyable. So while I love the actual yogurt flavor and blueberry jam underneath, I am left with a bad first impression every time.


9. Caramel Macchiato

A very subtle flavor that was overall enjoyable, but a little lackluster. When I read the title “Caramel Macchiato”, I’m expecting to be blown away. After all, it’s one of my favorite drinks to order at any coffee shop. So while I did enjoy this cup of yogurt, it didn’t meet my high expectations.

10. Strawberry Banana

The flavor made for champions. This flavor does not disappoint for SnB fans out there. I’ve personally never been a huge lover of the banana and strawberry combination, but I can respect those who are. This flavor is tasty. But it is not quite my palate’s favorite preference.


11. Raspberry Chocolate

The truth is, if I’m having a chocolate crave attack, yogurt is one of the last places I’d think of going to. I’d much rather grab a piece of rich dark chocolate than have something with a slight chocolate taste. I definitely taste chocolate in this, but I noticed it wasn’t a flavor I was naturally gravitating to. Oh and the raspberry is definitely there; making a tasty fruity and chocolatey combination.


12. Strawberry

If you’re craving something light and sweet, then this classic is for you. It has a very distinctive strawberry flavor you find in most strawberry yogurts. Located at the bottom of this jar of berry goodness is a delectable strawberry jam that’s fun to eat separate or mixed into the yogurt. The flavor isn’t anything unique in the world of yogurts, but it’s still delicious.


13. Cherry

Since this is personal preference, I have to warn you all that I have never been a big fan of cherry flavored goodies. Sure, I’ll eat the cherry Starbursts or drink cherry soda. However, I’d much rather go with almost any other fruity flavor available. So while I enjoyed this classic take on cherry yogurt, it isn’t a flavor I’ll revisit again.


14. Cherry Chocolate

I cannot quite put my finger on it, but the chocolate flavors leave me desiring something more. They are definitely tasty and are like a dessert, but I never see myself wanting another one. Like I stated with the Raspberry Chocolate flavor, if I’m having a chocolate craving, I want real chocolate. These flavors are just not the same. Also raspberries definitely complement chocolate better than cherries.


15. Peach

I normally love peach flavored drinks and snack, but I was left with an unusual impression with this take on peach. Not only was it a little too tart for my taste, but after finishing the container, I was left with a desire of something more. So while I overall enjoyed it, I have yet to grab another carton with all the other delicious alternatives out there.