9 Seasonal Snacks You Have to Try

During the transitions from Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter, Winter to Spring, or Spring to Summer, there are always new, exciting snacks stocking supermarket’s shelves. From those classic “Christmas tree shaped” cakes to those highly popular iconic fall pumpkin flavors, every season brings something unique to stash in the pantry. We decided here at The Food Head, to bring you guys to list 7 of our favorite seasonal snacks.

1. Pumpkin Spice Oreos

Unsurprisingly, Pumpkin Spice Oreos topped our list as the best seasonal snack. These Oreos are good, really good. Even better than the iconic original in my humble opinion. The pumpkin flavored filling tastes very similar to a pumpkin pie which is complimented perfectly by the crisp vanilla wafers. The only thing that could be perfected on each cookie is to add a little pinch of cinnamon to the vanilla cookies.

pumpkin spice oreo

2. Thin Mints

I am well aware this might cause a little controversy. I mean Girl Scout Cookies might technically not be seasonal in terms of flavor, but they are only available for purchase once a year. The buzz that follows Girl Scout cookies every year is always crazy. But who can blame us? They are literally like crack. Not that I have ever tried crack myself, but I’ve heard it’s highly addicting.  I’m guessing since I’ve devoured entire boxes of these in a single sitting, it has to be somewhat similar. There is just something about that crunchy bite, combined with that mint and chocolate flavor  combination that my tastebuds just cannot get enough of.

girl scout cookie thin mints

3. Little Debbie’s Gingerbread Men

I mean how can you not love the combination of gingerbread and sugary frosting? I still vividly remember opening my lunchbox during winter time to find a little gingerbread man staring right back at me. And boy was I more than happy to make him disappear. These iconic Debbie Snacks have been a staple in many American households over the years. It’s only available once a year and that delicious gingerbread flavor is a taste everyone should indulge in at least once a year!

little debbie gingerbread men

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

There is something magical about Reese’s in the shape of an egg. Everyone in my family and circle of friends cannot get enough of these treats – including myself. These peanut butter eggs definitely have a different ratio of Peanut butter to chocolate than the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup; making it an addicting treat every time April rolls around.

P.S. If you haven’t tried these frozen yet, you have no clue what you are missing on in your life.
reese's peanut butter eggs

5. Caramel Apple Candy, Pastries and Cookies

From Pepperidge Farm’s Caramel Apple Pie Cookies to Milky Way’s Caramel Apple flavored candy, this fall favorite is always fun to see stocked on the shelves every fall. There is something special about the combination of that distinctive apple flavor with overly sweet caramel drizzle. The big snack food brands out there definitely didn’t let this combination go to waste by providing us with a fun and tasty version to their classic snacks.
milky way caramel apple

6. Cinnamon Sugar Pringle Tortillas

Who would have thought that a non-savory version of a Pringle would exist? As a sucker for cinnamon sugar treats, this flavor curveball was right up my alley. I’ve always preferred a cinnamon sugar donut, cinnamon roll, or scone to almost any dessert out there. So when Pringle released it’s Cinnamon Sugar flavor, I had to try it. They are not overly sweet, but they were still pretty tasty. Almost like a less sweet and more crispy version of a churro. It is definitely a snack food I would throw into my shopping cart for a few years.cinnamon-sugar-pringles-tortilla

7. Candy Corn M&M’s

Simply put, these are white chocolate filled M&m’s. Meaning. if you love white chocolate over milk chocolate, you will much prefer these M&M’s to the original. To be brutally honest, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t taste any candy corn flavor in the candy coated pieces. But as I continued to eat the entire bag (in a single sitting), I realized that these are really freakin’ good. I’m guessing the Candy Corn title refers to the yellow and orange outer shell. But it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. As an avid lover of the much sweeter and whiter version of chocolate, I was happy to get my hands on a bag of these. Even if it was only for a single day.
Candy Corn M&Ms


8. Little Debbie Christmas Snack Cakes

There was something special finding one of these in my lunchbox every year around Winter time. In reality, they really tasted the same as Little Debbie’s Zebra Cakes (which are awesome), but knowing they were Christmas themed really lifted my spirits. I’ve always been a traditionalist, so fun holiday themed snacks like this become a tradition year after year.

little debbie christmas snack cakes

9. Peeps

What list is complete without Peeps? I know I’m going to receive a lot of heat for this, as I am well aware of the strong divide of Peep haters and lovers. But I have always enjoyed seeing Peeps entering the stores every year. They may only be sugar coated marshmallows, but I have always enjoy eating a box every year. Plus they bring holiday cheer every year!