2015 Top 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Foodies

1. Star Trek Sushi Set
star trek sushi set

Sushi and Star Trek… need we say more for the geeky food lovers out there?


2. Penis Shaped Egg Mold
Penis Egg Fryer

.. Because who doesn’t love a good laugh on Christmas day? You may even want to serve a funny holiday breakfast!

3. Pizza Bean Bag
Slice of Pizza Beanbag Chair
Just look at how comfortable he is. I bet you wish that was you right now.


4. Lightsaber Chopsticks

You might suck with chopsticks, but with the power of the “force”, you’ll manage. Oh and did I mention these light up?

5. World’s Largest Reese’s Cup
World's Largest Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Just in-case you didn’t consume enough calories on Christmas day, we have you covered.

Warning: Sugar crash soon to follow. He is fast asleep for a reason.


6. Radioactive Cups
Radioactive Drinking Cups

These cups look super cool with a variety of colored drinks in them.


7. Realistic Animal Lollipops

realistic animal lollipops

This amazing artist brings us realistic animals in candy form. Am I the only one who would be very hesitant to eat something so beautifully crafted?

8. Beer Belt
Beer Belt

I think we all know the type of person who would be overjoyed with owning their very own beer belt.


9. Old-Fashioned Smores Maker
Old-Fashioned Smore Maker

S’mores whenever I want all year round? Count me in.


10. Selfie Toaster
selfie toaster

Give your friend or family member the opportunity to see your face every morning.