Star Trek Sushi Set

Old days of the fancy sushi sets are gone. If you have imagined of having a zesty tuna roll in a yacht, now is the time to level up your imagination. Here, lands the very innovative Star Trek Sushi Set re-purposing the entire ceremony of sushi eating.
Are you confused?? Thinking where the chopsticks are?? The flushes from the engine are not for embossing, but are a detachable pair of chopsticks. And, the top of the ship opens to reveal a dipping dish for some soya sauce. On a whole you get a whole Star Trek spaceship parked on your dining table. The entire thing has parked itself on a wooden base, together that turns out to be an interesting Star Trek piece of art. See how your guests are impressed when you get them sushi out of the space in the Star Trek Sushi Set.
Any sushiologist who has been a big devotee of Star Trek would definitely treasure the Star Trek Sushi Set not less than a treasure.



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