Spartan Knife Block

Warriors! When that volley of arrows, knives and spears come racing towards us, do not fret, do not cower! Have faith in our master craftsmen by trusting your shields! On my call we will lift our shields in perfect unison. Not only will your own life by on the line, but your comrades life will be dependent on the ability of each and every one of you!

Okay, so you may never actually experience the real “joy” of war, but the Spartan Knife Block will bring a unique flare to your kitchen counter. This whimsical design is brilliantly crafted to hold your knives with ease. With a powerful magnet to hold the knife sharpener on top, your kitchen cuterly will never be the same again.

Take one step towards to achieving those rock-hard, chiseled abs of the heroes in the movie 300 by preparing healthy and protein-rich foods using your very own cleverly-held knife set!



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