Skor Bar Donuts

Stroll down the candy isle, grab a Skor bar, and prepare to let your inner Hulk out by smashing it on top of your chocolate glazed donut! Chances are that won’t come out as amazing as it sounds. But fret not! This mastermind baker discovered a skillful way to bake chocolate donuts and layering them with toffee crumbles. Be aware that these are not just any donuts. These are chocolate mini donuts that are perfectly moist, hand dipped in chocolate, and then covered with toffee goodness!

All donuts are baked to order and each purchased comes with a dozen of fried donut deliciousness. If you ever wanted to try the taste the combination of toffee and fried dough, this is the perfect opportunity. After all, when have you ever taken a walk into any major donut chain to find a toffee topped donut? Sure, you might find an appealing Reeses, Oreo, or Cookie Dough flavor, but toffee? Never.



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