Shot Glass Roulette

Spice up those uneventful house parties with a tinge of boozing gambling fun. Roll the Shot Glass Roulette and let the wheel decide your destiny. If you have an infinite liver crater and a somber mind, then try playing this engaging Shot Glass Roulette drinking game. It is infamous for getting its players smashed while entertaining them. The smaller sized shot glass holds the players from getting high too early and ending up the fun game. Easy game and rules; place your bet with your shot glass and give it a twirl. If the ball stops on your color or number, OOPS! Bottoms up! No matter who wins the game, the bottom line is to have fun and Shot Glass Roulette guarantees you many rounds of shots and mind-blowing fun-time.

So get your buddies together for a private party and tune into Las Vegas with the ultimate Shot Glass Roulette.



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