Shot Glass Birthday Card

The Shot Glass Birthday Card is a brilliantly designed card to wish your friend a “Happy Birthday” that immediately embarks on the celebration. No matter what age, a Birthday should be celebrated as a grand event. Make it an unforgettable one this year with this Birthday card.

Gone are the days when you wished someone a happy 21st birthday with a boring paper card. Make it a memorable birthday by giving your best friend a Shot Glass Birthday Card. He or she will be overjoyed to cut out and fold the card into a 1 ounce shot glass. Now he conveniently has exactly what he needs for his birthday shots.

This Shot Glass Birthday Card features a circle at the top, making it an adorable Bottle Hanger Card. You can attach it to a bottle of any size. Superb! Isn’t it? Whether, you hang it on to a Jack Daniel or mail it, Shot Glass Birthday Card would certainly add to the excitement.
Never mind if you missed your friend’s birthday this year. Enthrall your pal next year!



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