Samurai Sword Cake Knife

Until now, you have organized a birthday event in various fashions. Maybe you brought in creative décor, created an extraordinarily delicious menu, or had the most lovely birthday cakes. Now it is time to give your parties a new Japanese Samurai culture flavor with the Samurai Sword Cake Knife.

Every party guest will be stricken with awe when the birthday-boy appears as a Samurai warrior carrying a katana sword in his waist band. But, the funny part is when the invitees get a sense of relief when they discover that the sword is nothing more than a plastic Samurai Sword Cake Knife.

“What a relief!! It’s not a real blade!”

A Samurai Sword Cake Knife cannot turn one into real Japanese Ninja Warrior, but it will give you great joy in watching your little one act like a warrior. So jazz up any event with feudal Japanese culture.



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