Rice Krispie Treat Christmas Trees

Hohoho! Nothing beats that time of year when colorful lights are filling the streets and people are spreading joy. There is something magical around Christmas time, and our food is no exception. Some of my greatest memory as a kid are my family’s Christmas breakfast, my grandma’s cookies, and of course Christmas dinner. So when I saw these creative baked treats, I was immediately intrigued.

Rice Krispies are skillfully molded and dyed green to look like a Christmas Tree. This baker then brilliantly sits it on top of a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup and adds red sprinkles to represent ornaments. Now if only it had a star on top!

It’s time to create a new tradition at your house by bringing a plate of these adorable Rice Krispie Treat Christmas Trees. The kids will be asking for them year after year!



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