Rice Cube Maker

Everyone got a kinship for Japanese food. Accept it or not; after several unsuccessful attempts to make sushi cubes we conclude saying it is better to order for Sushi in some Japanese restaurant. It seems to be an impossible mission to make the great looking rice cubes with equally good taste.

“Gosh! Do I need to superglue them together?”
Sushi lovers, check out this Rice Cube Maker that will ease your worries in under a minute. Now even you can make those perfect rice cubes at any time of the day. Guess what? You don’t even need to prepare sticky textured rice. Just stuff the rice and other ingredients into the Rice Cube Maker and close it. When you open the container, out comes out the flawlessly cubed rice cube.

Now you don’t need to be a master chef to cook sushi; you have your secret helper with you the very convenient Rice Cube Maker. Even a 3 year old kid can make some. So next time you invite your friends over lunch, surprise them with a series of tasty cubed entrées.



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