Ravioli Rolling Pin

Expand your culinary horizon as you utilize the Ravioli Rolling Pin to add master pasta maker to your repertoire. This unique beechwood rolling pin measures 24″ wide and comes outfitted with specially made ridges designed to create perfect raviolis.

Once you add this beechwood made Ravioli Rolling Pin to your kitchen, you will master the art of making perfectly edged Raviolis. So spread out your culinary knowledge and become an expert pasta maker. This 24” wide Ravioli Rolling Pin makes the intricate task of making Ravioli easy and in no time. Spread a filling of veggies, meat or cheese on a layer of dough, then cover it with another dough layer and roll! You get it done right away.

Next time when your neighbors come over to your place for dinner, they will adore your cookery talent for those perfect clean cut raviolis. You just smile every time they ask you “How did you make it?” But, only you will know the secret and be eternally grateful to your Ravioli Rolling Pin. All you need to do is to grab an Italiana Cookbook and add varieties of fillings to those soft pillows. It is your turn to surprise everyone.



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