Rainbow Cheesecake

So long has this been recognized as the perfect dessert on Easter, has now become a magnificent delicacy for almost every party. Wedding, birthday, anniversary, or official event; regardless the special occasion, a Rainbow Cheesecake from Sweets is the definitive thing that will make your dessert table an ultimate success. It is a supreme merge of seven heavenly hues and 80s flavors that seamlessly melts in your mouth.
This amazing lip smacking Rainbow Cheesecake will surely take you to the fairyland at it very first bite. What else could be the perfect birthday gift for you little angel? Just the Rainbow Cheesecake. No matter the age, this colorful creamy and cheesy cake will be everyone’s favorite.
Don’t fret if you start daydreaming visualizing yourself sitting in your grandma’s kitchen; helping yourself to some of her homemade pies. So prepare to once again reminisce your childhood with this amazingly creamy and stunning Rainbow Cheesecake!



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