R2D2 Kitchen Timer

Nothing is worse than that moment you realize you just completely charred your batch of chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes that dinky oven timer just does not cut it. We need something with a little more… volume. The R2D2 Kitchen Timer is here to look after your cooking while you take a timeout! You are guaranteed to love this robot sidekick in your kitchen territory.

No more scalded pasta for dinner; set the countdown timer turning the head of R2D2 Kitchen Timer and you are good to go. As the clock ticks, the head slowly turns back. This is a 60 minute timer with 1-minute intermission! And this R2D2 does not beep… it rings and rings and rings some more, for a seemingly endless five seconds. Loud enough that you can clearly hear it from the next room to let you know your delicious dish is ready.

It is 4” x 5” x 2.25” in dimension and along with rubber base, the R2D2 Kitchen Timer stays firm and does not scrape your kitchen countertop.

Sweep off your culinary dilemma; revitalize yourself with a foot massage while R2D2 Kitchen Timer watches over your kitchen!



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