Portable Campfire Grill

Thinking about your convenience is the Burnie, your personal Portable Campfire Grill that you can carry anywhere along with you. Imagine yourself watching the sunset, relishing freshly grilled fish and a glass of wine by the riverside.  Made of wood and charcoal, encouraged by the old-school Nordic technique to grill and smoke is back in a new portable unit, just like old wine in new bottle. Ignite the grilling fun with a single matchstick.

Get the natural wooden smoky flavor when barbecuing your food. Hiking, fishing, camping out, tailgating, even a backyard party… your Burnie adds five stars to every adventure that you plan. Light-weight, power packed portable campfire grill is the uninvited friend that accompanies in your events and trips lifetime.

Don’t get too mesmerized when packing for your trip, licking your lips wondering about the dinner that you’ll be cooking on the Portable Campfire Grill in your bag.



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