Pocket-Sized Water Bottle

While on the morning run, or camping out, it is absolutely imperative to keep yourself hydrated. So long have you trusted the average bulky plastic water bottles. For a change, kick-start your day on a revitalizing note. Replace your daily bottle with a smart and sturdy Pocket-Sized Water Bottle. This drinking container is designed to keep all your necessities in mind. It is extremely easy-to-clean and therefore, reusable. The best attribute is that you can collapse it down to a small disk that you can pocket along with your other belongings.

The Pocket-Sized Water Bottle is made of high quality silicone and BPA-free plastic, keeping tang of the drink unscathed and odor-free. It is available in two versions; one is small 12 ounce another is 21 ounce bottle. It is watertight and got a handle, making it extremely handy for any adventure.

>Protect Nature. Get your own Pocket-Sized Water Bottle.



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