Old-Fashioned Bucket Ice Cream Maker

Manually or automatically churn out fantastic frozen treats for the entire family using this Old-Fashioned Bucket Ice Cream Maker. This fun device is built with a heavy duty 4-quart aluminum canister and a powerful 90-rpm motor; meaning your ice cream can be made conveniently quick for all of your house guests. Throw in your favorite cookies, candy bars, nuts or fruit and watch as the provided paddle easily crushes them into bite-sized pieces to be perfectly blended into your frozen dessert.

If you’re more of a thicker ice cream guy or gal, use the traditional manual crank and hand churn it the old-fashioned way. Fans of sorbet, frozen yogurt, or gelato can also rejoice. This multipurpose machine allows for all those combinations.

Your ice cream experience will never be the same again. Not only will your frozen treat be crafted to your exact liking, but it will also be a new experience each and every time!




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