Nintendo Gameboy Refrigerator Magnet

Bring your favorite retro gaming system to life with cleverly designed magnets made to make your appliances look just like a Nintendo Gameboy. The Nintendo Gameboy Refrigerator Magnets come in all shapes and sizes to look great on any fridge – black, tiny, giant or even stainless. Remember those days of smashing your “A” and “B” button to blast the bad guys into oblivion? What about linking up with your friends to have that seemingly all important battle? This fun set will bring back those memories and more!

Guaranteed are the ewwwws and awwwws when your ol’ pals see a giant Gameboy sitting comfortably in your kitchen. Kids today however, will have little to no idea the greatness your are trying to represent. But pair your Gameboy fridge with a Pizza Lunchable inside, and they’ll understand the amazing times of the 90’s.



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