Mustache Guard Mug

The Mustache Guard Mug is a historical significant invention designed to save your masculinity from being ruined with frothy whiskers. Long back in the 19th century, men were very meticulous about their look and took pride on their masculine mustaches. Getting your face fuzz flawed by your favorite beverage is nothing less than a nightmare.

Then, a British potter Harvey Adams invented the original version of Mustache Guard Mug with a detachable guard. This phenomenon became popular worldwide, even in America. However, as soon as the iconic mustache went out of fashion, these specially designed mugs started to disappear. However, when mustaches made a riposte in today’s trend, so did the Mustache Guard Mug.

Mustache Guard Mug is a 13-ounce ceramic mug with an inside semi-circular shield to protect them while you sip some of those energizing cup of coffee. Being both dishwasher and microwave proof, cleaning and upkeep become effortless.

Now, sip some those brew drink from your Mustache Guard Mug like a Victorian Gentleman without worrying about your whiskers anymore.



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