Mickey Mouse Sprinkles

Your child’s birthday is this week and calls for a celebration bash. Get on with the birthday planning; the theme, invites, decoration, menu, and the cake! Nothing could be better than a Disney theme. Okay, so you baked your kid’s favorite strawberry cake, but it’s missing the Disney theme for the party. Introducing… the Mickey Mouse Sprinkles: the adorable Mickey Mouse shaped edible sprinkles to add Disney charm to your birthday cake.

Mickey Mouse Sprinkles are tiny confetti sprinkles in exciting red, black and white colors, packed in 2-ounce containers. Just a small sprinkle and your basic dessert turns into a stunningly luscious sweet dish.

After a long tiring day, an ice-cream garnished with these sprinkles can easily boost up your sunken mood. It would reinstate the wonderful memories from your childhood. Not only young Disney lovers, but also everyone savor a baked delicacy adorned with these colorful Mickey Mouse Sprinkles.
Remember to stack your kitchen cupboard in advance with some, in case you have a fortuitous feast.



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