Marvel Mini Cake Molds

Spark up your desert plate with powerful Marvel Mini Cake Molds; an aluminum cakelet molding of six of your favorite Avengers in one go. Spider Man, the Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America; all of them are guaranteed to add some excitement to your hero-themed parties.

All the action begins in the kitchen, where these miniature cakes bring your legendary Marvel persona to life. Since the molds are made of aluminum, it heats evenly and will not corrode easily. The interior of the Marvel Mini Cake Molds have a non-stick finish that helps the cakes to emerge out easily with absolute precision. Some colorful icing, and dust to d├ęcor is enough to empower your superheroes. So transform your dining room into an edge-of-your-seat battlefield. You heard it right! A battlefield where your kids will be fighting over who gets Spidey or the Captain!

If you really want to keep your party guests happy, make sure you have plenty of Marvel characters at your disposal!


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