Jurassic Park Mug

Millions of years ago, Earth was the motherland for the colossal creatures: the Dinosaurs. Several weeks of brushing away the layers of dust and sand, the exhausted archaeologists unearthed the fossils of a newborn Tyrannosaurus Rex lizard who managed to coil around a primeval drinking pitcher. The handle of the vessel is nothing else, but the whorled tail of the infant T-Rex. The Jurassic Park Mug is one place where the ancient world of Dinosaurs ultimately meets the humans.

The bone remnants are so small that it readily fits into a human hands. The proficient archaeologists have been very vigilant excavating which made their discovery both microwave and dishwasher safe. Such a time-changing discovery is now available for your possession.

The thrill that filled the viewers’ mind while watching the American sci-fi movie is now roused again by this prehistoric mug. The best part is that your morning beverage can now be served in the fossils of those primal predators. At last you can claim you tamed your very own carnivorous creature!



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