Ice Cream Scooper And Stacker

The Ice Cream Scooper and Stacker is the ultimate ice cream scooper we all have been eagerly waiting for. You will be entranced with this easy-to-use phenomenon. With this handy tool, even amateurs can make perfectly cylindrical classic ice-cream portions that the professionals provide in their shops.

No more running to the Ice-Cream Parlor to treat your kids. This Ice Cream Scooper and Stacker will make you an expert ice-cream connoisseur. Now you can confidently create a beautiful frozen tower with double, triple even more scoops of your favorite flavors. Put your delicious treat in a classic waffle cone or serve it between two cookies. This tool will reform your old ice-cream dessert into a bistro-style colorful indulgence.

No matter how hard-frozen the ice cream is; the stainless steel made bottom rim of the Ice Cream Scooper and Stacker scoops easily. Just lift and place it on your desired base and depress the key-plunger to free the perfectly shaped ice-cream blocks. Unlike the conventional Ice Cream Scooper that needs to be immersed in hot water after use, this is dishwasher safe and easy-to-clean.

Exhaustion cannot be an excuse enough from parading your scooping talent. You are the Master Ice Cream Scooper with this gorgeous Ice Cream Scooper and Stacker.



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