Giant Pickle Pillow

We have all experienced that dramatic feeling of getting discarded by one you treasure so dearly. It paves the way to thousands of shattering thoughts and feeling. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to doze the night away with a broken heart. Luckily, the Giant Pickle Pillow is there to be your soft cuddly friend; to allay you from your loved one’s throbbing absence.

This Giant Pickle Pillow is three feet long pillow, made of fleece, ballooned with non-allergenic polyester fiber, making it super squashy. All the tiny external bumps are hand-stitched, giving it a look of your preferred cucumber. No two pickles are alike. Therefore, you can easily get your personal warm Giant Pickle Pillow whom you can embrace. In response, it will happily suck up all your tears.

On a serious note, you do not need to have gone through a serious breakup to hug this Giant Pickle Pillow. Be a kid, teen or an adult; this squishy Giant Pickle Pillow is an ideal bedtime pal to everyone.



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