Folding Beer Glass

Ever try to go on a hike with a glass of beer in hand? Let me tell you, it is not an easy feat. Actually let me rephrase that. It’s not an easy feat with a normal, every day glass. But with the unique collapsible beer glass? It is a breeze! You know, just like that beautiful breeze you feel while lounging near the ocean. The glass is designed with built-in rings to allow expansion and compression. In it’s smallest form, the cup becomes perfectly sized to fit your pocket. With a skillful flick of the wrist, the glass extends for your drinking pleasure.

This is a fun product for the beer lovers out there. What speaks such volume of knowing your best friend, boyfriend, or husband than giving him a beer glass he can use on the go? Word of advice: be careful when extending the glass. If the rings aren’t fully expanded, you might notice a few drops of your precious, carbonated golden drink making an escape along the edge of your container.



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