Ex Knife Set

Gone are the days of sobbing all day long from a recent heartbreak! It is time to laugh out the piercing pain thriving in you. Stab you ex with this “Ex Knife Set” and satisfy yourself with revenge without any detention.

Celebrate Heartbreak!

Call for a bash and display the Ex Knife Set in the center table. Not only will it lighten your mood, relaxes you, it will also make your friends and family members chuckle. This funny little ex of yours comes with 5 stainless steel made knives including carver, bread knife, chef’s knife, paring knife and utility knife that slices through almost anything effortlessly. To safeguard you from the sharp edgy blades, they come in strong protective sheaths. Perfect for your living room, breakfast table or even coffee table; place it anywhere you want.

Forget the orthodox wooden block knife holder, bring the Ex Knife Set home and revolutionize your kitchen. Take a step forward to fish out your frustration while holding your kitchen knives in most artistic fashion.



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