Dragon Cake Pan

Load your next party with the ultimate fabled dragon aura. Imagine a dragon curled round her three cake eggs on your desert table.

Wondering where to get such a masterpiece? You can bake it yourself. The Dragon Cake Pan will allow a ferocious dragon emerge from your baking endeavors. This cake pan is aluminum and is designed to be heavy-duty with a capacity of 1 ¾ pounds along and a non-stick interior. That would make it easier to get the snoozing dragon along with her trio little eggs safely out on the dessert plate.

Dragon Cake Pan is dishwasher and microwave safe up to 500 degrees. Just use a dense cake batter for a delicious cake. Grease it well with some flour. Tap the pan few times to remove bubbles before putting it into the microwave.

You do not even need to add some icing to make this cake gorgeous. Just a few chocolate golden coins and you have yourself a wonderful Hobbit Cake for you excelling knight on his birthday.

The cleverly crafted cake emerging from this pan is certain to gain some applause!



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