Donut Warming Coffee Mug

Nothing beats a freshly baked, warm donut. Hence the reason for Krispy Kreme’s Hot Now sign to notify customer’s that their donuts are fresh and ready to be devoured. So what do we do when we just don’t have the luxury of buying a fresh donut? Eat is cold, microwave it, or put it in the oven? There’s now an easier solution. The Donut Warming Coffee Mug is designed to perfectly hold a regular sized donut; you know, the ones from the grocery store or Dunkin Donuts. Simply place your donut on top of the mug and with the two openings, the heat of the coffee will warm your donut to perfection. Now you’ll never have to rely on some type of fancy electronic. Just grab your normal cup of coffee and a donut and you’re good to hit the road!


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