Dinosaur Fossil Ice Tray

Take a leap back in time to the days of giant reptilian creatures roaming the planet. The Prehistoric age is a time period that both kids and adults find truly mesmerizing. And for good reason. It is a little hard to imagine a giant carnivore with a jaw as large as a shark walking around. Well, you could always watch the newest Jurassic Park flick to have an idea. Bring that love of dinosaurs to the kitchen with ease using one of these Dinosaur Mold Trays.

Each tray comes with separate molds to form some of your favorite dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and many more! You can use the molds to make Stegosauras chocolates, dinosaur egg jello bites, or fossil ice cubes to chill your biohazard juice. It is enough to entertain the kids, while bringing back some old memories of your childhood. It’s a win, win!



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