Cotton Candy Oreos

The biggest “cookie-leak” has hit the media last February. Since then everyone has their eyes fixed upon the cookie aisle in the department store. At last, the most desired crazy Cotton Candy Oreo has finally pulled in. Crazy delicious vanilla Golden Oreos with pastel pink and blue candy cream crammed in between.

Americans are Oreo freaks and this is the ultimate cotton candy like zest including the aftertaste. The mild cotton sugary tang, fluffy pink blue cream of these delicious Cotton Candy Oreos will make a permanent place in your shopping cart. Refresh your delicate childhood carnival trips memories while eating a bag full of these amazingly nostalgic Cotton Candy Oreos. Though it is a limited version, it has struck everyone with a never-dying intensity that is likely to stay forever.  These cookies are filling the shelves and emptying at an unimaginable fast rate; better hurry up if you want a taste of these overly sweet cookies.

Beware… If you start tasting some of these in the car, chances are they won’t make it back home to share. Expecting to go up a notch on your belt from eating too many of these.



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