Condiment Gun

Condiments, condiments and more condiments! Nobody can forget that feeling of opening up your bag of takeout only to find that they forgot your sauces. Now imagine how different your comfort food meal of chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, or French fries would be without any of those sweet or savory sauces you love. Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, barbecue, ranch, sriracha; just to name a few of the famous sauces. There is a reason why at least one of these bottles of flavor can be found in the pantry of nearly every home. They elevate your foods to new heights with their delicious flavors, and your meal just isn’t the same without them.

There is always a condiment to add flavor for every occasion – sweet, savory, spice, and heat. Second only to the barbecued meat, these sauces are a staple for any barbecue to be successful. Since we already love their colorful and tasty flavors, why not make putting them on your food a little more fun? The condiment gun lets you shoot out your condiment of choice in a perfect line. The kids will gladly help with the condiment addition for the chance of using this fun looking gun!



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