Caramel Bacon Brownies

These Caramel Bacon Brownies are the perfect savory bacony dessert to indulge into. It is guaranteed to please the critical bacon activists while gratifying any sweet tooth.  It is the ultimate bacon dessert one can imagine of; fudge brownies stifled in a thick caramel coat crowned with dark chocolate. How to miss the bacon mantling the crest to refine every single bite? Crispy, salty yet caramel and chocolaty; truly, it is an impressive formula that enlightens your dessert table.

Caramel Bacon Brownies comes in a pack of dozen, where every piece are individually wrapped to keep the freshness intact while been shipped to your doorstep. Warm weather can melt these brownies to some extent; better to refrigerate it as soon as you get your hands on them. However, you can enjoy plowing a fork into a gummy savor of Caramel Bacon Brownies after you microwave it for a few seconds. It tastes really fabulous; both refrigerated and melted!

Bacon has no carbohydrates. So if you want to lose a few pounds this summer, it is just the thing you need in your meal plan… at least it will motivate you to burn off these calorie-packed squares. So gorge yourself with some sweet and salty Caramel Bacon Brownies. One taste and it will top your dessert listing.



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