Candy Sushi Kit

Become a sushi chef by crafting candy in colorful representations of salmon sashimi, sushi rolls, and egg rolls. The Candy Sushi Kit is like a science project as you and your kids concoct delicious fruit candy pieces from the magic powders. No cooking required! This unique kit comes with individual compartments and instructions that show you how to create each masterful sushi piece.

Each kit comes with a variety of flavors and textures: lemon flavored rice, cherry salmon, grape seaweed, strawberry fish eggs, and lemon and strawberry tuna pieces. Experience an burst immense flavor as the fish eggs “pop” in your mouth. Work out your jaw as you chew and chew that cherry flavored salmon gummy. There is the perfect amount of variety for everyone to love. But be warned… Your kids will be asking for more “magic powder” kits once they’ve tried this!



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