Butterfinger Donuts

Eat with Caution!!
These Butterfinger Mini Donuts are notorious for making you a chocolate and donut addict. The combination of taste, texture and even more taste will compel you to return over and over again for more. Call them entirely divine; yummy chocolate donuts made with peanut butter, loaded with cream, glazed with vanilla and crowned with crushed Butterfingers …. Awwwwwesome … Get ready to lose your mind at first sight.
Although these donuts are relatively petite compared to your normal sized donuts, they are highly competent to tackle your breakfast pastry craving. It is a captivating mishmash of your favorite seasonal flavors. Every component of these Butterfinger Mini Donuts are customized and baked fresh according to your selection. If you prefer to relish the least tinge of cinnamon in your donuts, don’t falter to enlighten the bakery conjurers.
These sweet buttery doughy rings of rapture are the perfect way to turn any frown upside down. The next time you need to impress your girl, don’t forget to have a box of these utterly delicious and mesmerizing Butterfinger Donuts with you. If you are placing an order now, be ready to re-order in near future!



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