Birthday Cake Oreos

Treat your palate to delicious, birthday cake goodness any time of the year with these delectable Birthday Cake Oreos. Two perfectly crisp cookies were paired with an amazing overly sweet filling to celebrate the birthday of the famous Oreo cookie. The creme is infused with colorful sprinkles to add an extra fun touch to your snack consumption. Dropped it in your milk? No problem! Now your milk is full of color!

If you have an enormous sweet tooth, this take on the Oreo is certain to satisfy your tastebuds over the classic Oreo. Available in both vanilla and chocolate wafers, the Birthday Cake Oreo does a perfect job at grasping that birthday cake essence. This is not one of those disappointing representations of flavor we have all experienced at one point. You won’t be displeased throwing a box of these cookies in your shopping cart… just look at how many cookies are left by the end of the night.



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