Beer Belt

Who enjoys running to the cooler to grab a Beer every time when you are thirsty? No one. So why not carrying 6 cans or bottles around your waist while you are trimming your backyard or tailgating at the game?

No… Not kidding!

All you need is a crazy invention wrapped around your waist – the Beer Belt. The Beer Belt is a specially designed fun gear that holds up to six of your favorite alcoholic beverages. It adds some comfort and relaxation to your life and comes with leashes adjustable up to 50” waist size. This Beer Belt is made from an impressive thick long-lasting fabric, allowing it to carry all those 12-ounce bottles for years.

The next time you party, do not forget your Beer Belt to avoid the drink queue. You are almost certain to grab the ladies’ attention without making any attempt. Get ready; your buddies are going to flock around you to know your secret charm. Also, be prepared to seize some desirous looks.

Nevertheless, if you want to surprise your Hubby, get him a BEER BELT!



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