Beef Jerky Potato Chips

Words won’t suffice to elucidate the excellence of this innovative creation, Beef Jerky Potato Chips. The title is self-explanatory and suggests what your palate is about to experience. Taking the bests of the two distinct worlds: high-protein deliciously chewy beef jerky and rich-in-fat potato chips. The manufacturer, Snack Innovators, brings you crunchy Beef Jerky Potato Chips.

Beef Jerky Potato Chips are the crispy potato slices laden with factual morsels of beef inside. Texture, look, and flavor resembles that of a beef jerky with the crispness of a potato chip. Don’t get it mistaken with beef flavored potato crisps. Cherkees or the Beef Jerky Potato Chips is a tempting hybrid of Beef Jerky and Potato Chips.

Buy it single 2.15 ounce bags or in a case of 5 bags; it would sizzle your beer parties. That is right, if you want to heighten the savor of this Beer Jerky Potato Chips then you need to grab on a bottle of beer along with it. Each ounce is loaded with 110 calories, 14-17 grams of carb, 3 grams of fat and 7grams of protein.  Nutritious! Isn’t it? Cracked Pepper, Teriyaki, BBQ or Cayenne Pepper; you have diversified choice of tangs to pick from and bless your appetite.

Once you relish it, nothing can suppress your crave for Beef Jerky Potato Chips.



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