Bacon Olive Oil

Sear that beautiful cut of meat in gorgeous golden oil that will give it the perfect amount of flavor. There is a popular saying that everything tastes better with bacon. That holds true even when pan frying your eggs, steak, or pork chops. So when we discovered the brilliant combination of bacon and olive oil, we knew it would be a brilliant way to incorporate that mouthwatering bacon flavor into any meal; without actually having to add any additional calories of the bacon itself.

This delicious olive oil is just as good for you as any other olive oil on the market. It’s an Extra Virgin Olive Oil featuring natural bacon flavors, meaning no pigs were actually harmed in the making of this bottle of deliciousness. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to elevate that BLT, intensify your morning eggs, and turn that salad into something you truly enjoy. It’s bacon time!



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