Attack on Titan Mug

Begin your day with a sip of hot energizing beverage from this fantastically designed Attack on Titan Mug, and sit back to witness the gigantic humanoids breaching the wall of Shiganshina. Eren Yeager appalled to see his mother getting eaten up the Titans!!
Nothing to get shocked, if you find yourself joined the Survey Corps and fighting the Titans in your living room!! This mug of caffeine not only energizes your morning, but infuses an adrenaline rush to combat all the boring events of the day.
This silicone-made mug reminds you of the wall of fear that hemmed in the humans. Along with a tea strainer it is useful and excites you, makes you laugh irrespective of your age! Now gift your loved one Attack on Titan Mug that fills his day with some adventure and childish excitement.



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