Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

What?? You don’t find Tabasco sauce hot enough? Do you want to taste something ultimate? Presenting the fieriest sauce ever tasted by anyone, the Ass Blaster Hot Sauce loaded with Habanero Pepper, Garlic, Carrot, Capsicum extracts and fresh spices.

Imagine how you would season up your daily bland meal with a dash of this heated flavorsome sauce on top and treasure the hot tang for whole day. A mere mention of fried chicken with some Ass Blaster Hot Sauce is enough to get water in your mouth. With capsicum extracts it is dangerously hot and can easily get any hot sauce enthusiast sob like a kid. Definitely, it is not for candy aficionados. If you could finish an entire burger packed with Ass Blaster Hot Sauce without a single moan, you just earned yourself a standing ovation.

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce owns a personal wooden outhouse, which straightaway catches your notice and makes a great piece on display. If you are fond of quirky eye-catching collectables, then this is it.

Word of Warning: Over-consumption of this incredibly spicy treat would lead you to a burning experience during your next morning duty.



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