All-In-One Breakfast Cooking Station

Bake a pizza, brew four cups of coffee, or even fry some eggs – this appliance does it all! Just in case you live in a smaller unit where you need to condense all your appliances into one, Nostalgia created this just for you. This device is not only a coffee pot, a griddle, or a toaster. It is all of those and more! This multi-functional unit can toasted up to four slices of bread at a time, a small pizza, or even crisp chicken wings. The griddle is non-stick and comes with a lid to easily cook sausages, bacon, pancakes or other fun breakfast items. And of course, the pot is perfect for brewing coffee or boiling some water to make mac-and-cheese to go with that pizza. This is the single guys/gals dream machine! It’s the All-In-One Breakfast Cooking Station!



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