24K Gold Champagne Marshmallows

Nothing says fancy like eating a puffy marshmallow topped with edible 24K gold. And that’s only the topping. Each square puff is infused with delicious Domaine Chandon® étoile champagne and Belgian chocolate swirls. They have the taste and look of extravagance written all over it; making these fluffy treats a great addition to any dessert table for a marriage, baby shower or work dinner. The guests will be shocked that a simple marshmallow could be re-invented to look so eloquent.

These gourmet marshmallows are a wonderful present for Mother’s Day or the girlfriend’s birthday. Each package includes four gigantic puffs and is presented in a gourmet red gift box set and giant bow. You can even ask the provider for a complimentary hand-written note to really add your own special touch to this gift set.



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